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Comprehensive Eye Exam – What to Expect During Your Eye Exam

During your comprehensive eye exam, we focus on evaluating the health of your eyes and determining ways to enhance the vision and comfort of your eyes.  Your eyes are important to life and maintaining excellent vision and comfort is best achieved through regular eye examinations.  Eye examinations can detect early signs of eye diseases and often prevent progression of these diseases; thus, saving your vision and preventing discomfort and damage to your eyes.  A preventative eye examination, often called a routine preventative eye exam, may be performed in conjunction with other services.  Other services may include: (a) refractive eye examination (refraction), which is used to determine an eyeglasses prescription, (b) a contact lens evaluation, which is imperative to obtaining a contact lenses prescription, (c) a refractive surgical evaluation, which is the first step toward clear vision with less dependence on eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Our comprehensive eye exam process includes a dilated eye examination.  This generally lasts between 60-90 minutes:

  1. Personal, Family, and Social Health & Medical History
  2. Visual History
  3. Entrance Testing
  4. Visual Acuity Testing
  5. Visual Field Testing
  6. External and Internal Eye Health Examination
  7. Review of Exam Results
  8. Treatment Plan

When your exam is completed, you should have an understanding of your eye health and make any necessary follow-up appointments as recommended by your doctor. 

When an eyeglasses prescription is made, the doctor provides recommendations as to the best lenses, lens treatments, and notes to the optician who will help you fill the prescription.  We have a full service optical where you can obtain excellent quality frames, expert fitting and adjustment, and the highest quality lens materials, designs, and coatings.  For best vision and comfort with your eyeglasses, it is best to follow your doctor’s recommendations and fill your eyeglasses prescription at our optical. 

Our contact lens prescriptions are issued with recommendations as to the best contact lens solutions, re-wetting drops, replacement cycle and proper handling instructions for the particular lenses we prescribe for you.  For best vision and comfort with your lenses, it is imperative you follow the recommendations of your doctor.

What to Bring to Your Comprehensive Eye Exam

Patients coming to a Comprehensive Eye Exam should bring all their current eyeglasses, including: everyday eyeglasses, computer glasses, reading glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, and sports glasses.  Please bring all the different eyeglasses you have which help you with the various visual tasks you have.  Please note the distance you are from various things you focus on throughout your day, such as your computer screen, workbench, dashboard, or instrument panel.

Patients who are Contact Lens Wearers should bring (or at least know) the names of their cleaning or storage solutions, lenses they are wearing most recently, and any re-wetting drops.  Also, please bring any current eyeglasses you use with your contact lenses, such as sunglasses and computer glasses.  Additionally, please bring any eyeglasses you wear instead of and without your contact lenses.

Any existing patients returning for a follow-up appointment should bring at least their most recent and often used everyday eyeglasses with them to their appointment.

Please bring your insurance card and government issued photo identification card and present these upon check-in to our staff at the reception desk. 

Please bring cash, check, credit card, and/or health savings account card with you to pay for charges incurred the day of your visit, including copays, frame, lens, or contact lens charges.  This will insure your orders for eyeglasses and contact lenses are placed immediately and saves us from printing and mailing statements.

Contact us today and see the difference that comes from routine eye care for everyone. We proudly serve patients in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and surrounding communities.

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