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Occupational & Environmental Vision Assessment

At River Lake Clinic, we encounter patients in wide varieties of occupations and workplace environments. Our eye clinic has worked with the Minnesota Department of Transportation, Metro Transit, and the Minnesota Highway Patrol to analyze environmental aspects of vision and transportation.  This helps make our roads, public transportation, and public servants safer, which benefits us all.

During an Occupational Vision Assessment, we assess all aspects of the relationship between work and vision, visual performance, eye safety and health. The exam includes a thorough assessment of the visual task and the health hazards within the workplace environment. This assessment allows us to make appropriate recommendations and provide proper prescriptions to meet the needs of each patient specially tailored to their work environment.

Evaluations for Occupational and Environmental Vision have included considerations pertaining to highway intersections in accident prevention, first responders, visibility of emergency vehicles, rapid transit and light rail transit. Occupational vision care safeguards us all by making our roads, buses and trains, law enforcement officers and first responders safer.

Employment Related Eye Exam

At River Lake Clinic, we find that many places of employment require vision examinations to keep you and others safe.  This helps them to understand if employees are able to complete the minimum level of job function required for that role. These exams are often required to secure employment and regularly throughout a worker’s career.

Types of Exams:

  • Initial Assessment: The exam for a newly hired employee’s vision can provide important information to both the employer and employee. This assessment can also detect previously undiagnosed disease or vision impairment that can greatly increase or affect worker’s visual efficiency and productivity.
  • Yearly Assessments. Both the employer and doctor identify vision health and changes that can affect safety and impact workers’ efficiency.

We have more than 40 years of experience in delivering the excellent Environment Vision Evaluations and outstanding Occupational Eye Exams. Our team takes great pride in working with both employers and employees in their environmental and occupational vision needs.

Contact us today for an Occupational Vision Assessment or Environmental Vision Evaluation at River Lake Clinic in the greater Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis.  We proudly serve patients in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and surrounding communities.

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