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Pediatric Eye Exam

Children need good vision to maximize their learning potential. It is important to begin a relationship with an eye care professional as early as possible, so your child isn’t held back by undetected vision issues.

Take advantage of the careful monitoring and developmental evaluations we offer during your child’s formative years. The development that occurs during this time will set the stage for the rest of their lives. You owe it to them to get the best vision care possible when it matters the most. Convergence, accommodation, and alignment are all basic skills that are required for the visual system to perform as it should. These skills for functional vision are developed during the formative years, and that is why regular checkups are so critical.

Stay Informed of Any Changes

Look closely for any signs of visual distress that your children may exhibit. This includes rubbing their eyes after close visual tasks, and redness in the afternoon after having clear eyes in the morning. When you observe any clumsiness when coordination should be more advanced, or they begin to skip words or letters while reading, then it is likely time to make an appointment.

A Cornerstone of Our Commitment to You

Make an appointment to see our eye doctor for kids if you believe your child has Strabismus. This crossing of the eyes may be present at birth, or they may develop the condition between the ages of two and five.

Even if you cannot afford to pay for an exam, you should bring your infant in for an evaluation.  Lack of financial resources is no reason why an infant should suffer with undiagnosed vision problems.  We are part of a nationwide effort, called INFANT SEE, whereby your infant, from birth to one year of age can have an eye exam, regardless of your ability to pay for it.  Please have your infant examined today.

When children reach school age, an eye exam is essential. Ensure that your kids get the best experience in the classroom with annual eye examinations. The school screening system is not an acceptable alternative to the comprehensive vision examinations we provide for your children. Eye exams are strongly encouraged once per year for children of all ages.

Our team also provides our patients with additional services including advanced techniques to retrain your eyes to work better together in a way that provides clear and comfort vision.  Some of these services include:

  • Visual Information Processing Assessment
  • Sensorimotor Evaluations
  • Vision Training
  • Visual Therapy
  • Binocular Training
  • Biocular Training
  • Sports Vision Training
  • Behavioral Optometry
  • Orthoptics

We have more than 40 years of experience in delivering the best training and therapy possible for binocular vision problems. Our team relies on established therapy techniques and preventative care that improves the comfort and clarity of your vision.

Contact us today to schedule an eye exam for your infant, toddler, child, teenager, and/or student. We proudly serve patients in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and surrounding communities.

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