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Eye Services

We perform eye services for all your eye care needs.  Infant, pediatric, adult, and geriatric comprehensive eye examinations are all provided at River Lake Clinic, PLLC.  River Lake Clinic provides tailored care and specific evaluation and management for: Diabetic eye conditions, Glaucoma, Macular degeneration, Dry eye, Allergic eye conditions, Corneal dystrophy, Cataract, Keratoconus, Strabismus, Amblyopia, Ptosis, Eyelid conditions, Binocular vision dysfunction, and refractive errors, including myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia, and presbyopia.  We provide custom and complex contact lens fitting services.  We provide cataract surgery evaluations.  We evaluate patients for LASIK, PRK, and suitable refractive surgical services.


Preventative Eye Examination

An eye examination to check the health of a person’s eyes is advisable every one to two years.  During this eye exam, we focus on evaluating the health of your eyes and determining ways to prevent a decline in vision or comfort of your eyes.  Your eyes are important to life and maintaining excellent vision and comfort is best achieved through regular eye examinations.  Eye examinations can detect early signs of eye diseases and often prevent progression of these diseases saving your vision and preventing discomfort and damage to your eyes.  A preventative eye examination, often called a routine eye exam, may be performed in conjunction with a refractive eye examination to determine an eyeglasses prescription and/or a contact lens evaluation and/or refractive surgical evaluation.

Refractive Eye Examination

Refraction is the process of determining a person’s need for optical correction of refractive errors, including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia.  Refractive eye examinations often involve objective and subjective measures of what prescription lenses are required to provide the best vision for a person.  Autorefractors are complex optical devices which we use as an objective measure of the refractive errors.  Keratometry is a measure of the curvature of the cornea, the clear dome at the front of a person’s eye.  Corneal topography can be used to map the cornea showing steeper and flatter portions in greater detail.  Together, autorefraction, keratometry, and corneal topography are used to determine the best optical prescription to correct refractive errors.  Correction of refractive error is often achieved with prescription eyeglasses.  We have a full optical dispensary with prescription eyeglasses for every day wear for all ages, sunglasses, computer eyeglasses, occupational eyeglasses, hobby eyeglasses, safety eyeglasses, pediatric eyeglasses, infant eyeglasses, and sports eyeglasses.  Contact lenses may also be used to correct refractive errors including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia.  Refractive surgical procedures, such as LASIK or PRK, may also be used to correct optical imperfections of the eye and provide our patients with clear vision.

Contact Lens Evaluation

A person should be evaluated by an eye doctor to determine which type of contact lens is most suitable and healthy to provide best vision.  A person’s eyes can be severely damaged by poor fitting contact lenses, by over-wearing contact lenses beyond what an eye doctor recommended, or by poor lens care and hygiene.  Damage to the eyes from contact lens misuse and poor fitting contact lenses in the form of corneal abrasions and corneal ulcers can result in significant pain, blurred vision, and even permanent vision loss.  Our eye doctors are experts at contact lens fitting and treatment of any contact lens complication.  Our contact lens evaluations will insure you have an exceptional fitting contact lens and that you understand best practices in handling and wearing your contact lenses to safely provide you with comfort and clear vision.   A contact lens evaluation is rarely paid by a person’s medical insurance, yet, it may be partially paid by a vision plan or discount program in certain cases.  Our doctors perform contact lens evaluations with the benefit of advanced technology for accurately assessing corneal health and determining corneal shape and contours to determine the best lens material, wear schedule, parameters and power for your eyes.

Refractive Surgical Evaluation

Deciding to have an elective surgical procedure, such as LASIK or PRK, to correct refractive error is a major decision. Refractive surgical procedures have the best outcomes when patients are fully evaluated with a comprehensive eye examination including cycloplegic refraction and dilated fundus examination during which our eye doctors utilize advanced corneal and refractive instruments.  When a patient is found to be a suitable candidate for refractive surgery, we discuss which refractive surgeon and which refractive surgical center would serve the patient best and co-manage your care throughout the pre-operative and post-operative process. We are fortunate in our ability to refer to some of the most highly-skilled eye surgeons in the country.

Dry Eye, Allergy & Conjunctivitis Evaluation

When you have an unhealthy ocular surface, it may become dry, red, watery, itchy, burning, or otherwise irritated for many different reasons and prompt evaluation is often best.  Please call us immediately to evaluate any redness or discomfort.  We will work promptly to determine the cause of the problem and how to treat it.  We also treat many patients on an ongoing basis for chronic conjunctivitis, dry eye, and allergy issues.  When you are also being treated by an immunologist (allergy specialist) or a rheumatologist, we will prepare eye reports and coordinate care with your other doctors as well as your primary care physician.

Diabetic Eye Exam

Diabetics should have a comprehensive eye exam with dilated fundus exam at least once a year and more often if there are any ophthalmic diabetic manifestations.  We have the expertise and advanced technology to accurately detect and treat even early and minor diabetic eye complications, such as diabetic retinopathy or diabetic macular edema.  We prepare and submit reports to other doctors helping to manage your diabetes, such as your primary care physician or your endocrinologist, to optimally coordinate your care and insure they know the health of your eyes is being managed well.

Macular Degeneration, Vitreous Degeneration, or Retinal Conditions Evaluation

Whenever a person experiences blank spots, blurred vision, flashes, floaters, a curtain or veil, they should be immediately evaluated by an eye doctor.  When a person has macular, vitreous, or other retinal conditions, it is important that they are evaluated by an eye doctor with experience and comfort in diagnosis and treatment of conditions impacting the inside of a person’s eye.  We work to preserve vision for patients with ongoing conditions and recent onset issues.  Our expertise and advanced technology enables us to diagnose and manage all posterior segment conditions. We have treated thousands of cases of macular degeneration and retinal problems. We carefully craft patient-focused treatment plans and coherently explain complex medical conditions to each patient and their family members.

Glaucoma Exam

Glaucoma can cause gradual progressive loss of vision, loss of side vision, and tunnel vision.  Often there are no symptoms until vision loss has progressed.  Vision loss from glaucoma is not reversible and it is permanent.  We are experts at early detection and successful treatment of glaucoma.  We utilize advance anatomical imaging instruments and functional vision testing equipment to advance early detection and best treatments for glaucoma, which will maximize your chances of preserving your vision.

Pediatric Eye Exam

Children’s visual development is crucial.  Vision shapes how well a child performs in school as well as extracurricular activities, such as music and sports.  It is important to have your child’s vision checked by an eye doctor and not rely on school screenings or vision screening components of a well-child visit at a pediatrician’s office.  A comprehensive pediatric eye exam is the best way to determine how well your child’s eyes are developing and what will maximize your child’s vision now and in the future.

Binocular Vision Exam

The way your eyes work together is critical to clear and comfortable vision.  If computer use, reading, writing, or other tasks are difficult, produce eyestrain, or cause headaches, it is important for you to have an eye examination to determine the cause.  When the cause is related to a binocular vision condition, we are able to discuss and formulate a plan to improve the way your eyes work together.  Improving the way your eyes work together may involve eyeglasses, eye exercises, at-home work, or in-office work, and vision therapy.  The first step is scheduling an eye exam for evaluation of your eyes.

Environmental Eye Care & Vision Safety

Our eye clinic has worked with the Minnesota Department of Transportation, Metro Transit, and the Minnesota Highway Patrol to analyze environmental aspects of vision and transportation. These evaluations have included asperity considerations pertaining to highway intersections in accident prevention, first responders, visibility of emergency vehicles, rapid transit and light rail transit. We also serve as vision experts for occupational medicine.

Medical-legal Eye Evaluations

Sometimes your eyes or vision may be harmed as a result of the action or inaction of a person, group, or business.  This injury may have occurred while at work or while in the line of duty or active military service.  When a person feels this may be the case, then it is best to coordinate what steps to take by discussing this with an attorney who specializes in helping people in your situation.  Our clinic provides expert specialized evaluations of person’s who have suffered eye injuries when those opinions may be helpful in determining whether an eye condition is related to a particular incident, injury, or occurrence.  We regularly provide such expert opinions relative to eye conditions and injuries to the Veterans Affairs Administration.

Are you concerned that you are a loved one maybe experiencing an eye problem?

Contact our team at River Lake Clinic today to schedule your eye exam. We look forward to meeting with you to review your concerns and symptoms to help you with optimum eye health.  We proudly serve patients in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and surrounding communities.

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