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A Corneal Evaluation Complete with Advanced Imaging

Get transformative treatment for corneal conditions when you visit River Lake Clinic in the greater Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Through advanced imaging and decades of experience treating corneal disease, our vision care specialists will help you see clearly for years to come.

We evaluate your overall corneal health by using Endothelial Specular Microscopy and External Ocular Photography. This technology allows us to evaluate our treatment choices to guide treatment of corneal diseases assuring the best possible outcomes for our patients. This especially helps in guiding treatment for Fuch’s dystrophy patients and those suffering from any form of ocular surface disease, including: ptyergium, pinguecula, keratconjunctivitis sicca, herpes keratoconjunctivitis, or corneal ulcer.

Advanced Corneal Disease Treatment

Rely on our decades of experience in providing corneal disease treatment when you need help in protecting the quality of your vision. Corneal treatments can be as simple as using the right eye drops or eye ointment prescribed by your eye doctor. Our approach to treatment sometimes includes the use of therapeutic contact lenses or amniotic membranes for damaged or compromised corneas and the treatment of keratitis, herpetic keratitis, marginal keratitis, limbic keratoconjunctivis, and other injuries, insults, and burns to the cornea.

Contact us today and schedule an appointment to insure the best care for your cornea. We proudly serve patients in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and surrounding communities.

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