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Optical Services at River Lake Clinic

We have been servicing the optical needs of Minneapolis and the Twin Cities area for over 30 years. River Lake Clinic can provide you with the latest fashions in eye wear and sunglasses at affordable prices.

Lens design, coating, and proper measurements are key to optimal vision.  With state of the art technology and access to the latest and greatest lenses, you will receive the highest quality and most suitable lenses for your unique visual needs. 

Our opticians are para-optometric certified by the AOA.  They know the art and science of frame selection, fitting, and adjustment.   We will guide you through the complexities of lens choices, including digital surfacing, anti-reflective coatings and progressive addition lenses.

The lenses you choose can alleviate or greatly diminish a eye strain, digital eye strain, computer vision syndrome, and fatigue.  Optimal corrective prescription lenses should also help reduce night vision driving problems.

Occupational or recreational eye wear recommendations are made particular to the many tasks yoy require best vision for, such as: aviation, woodworking, metalworking, hunting, fishing, golfing, raquet sports, swimming, and skiing.

Frame selection is an important aspect of our optical dispensary.  We are aware that you need to be comfortable and look great in your frame.  Our expert opticians are here to assist you in selecting high quality frames.  We will also assist in complimenting the image you want your eyewear to convey for work and social events.

Styles and frames are selected to reflect current designers, contemporary, and traditional eyewear.  We strive for quality and care about how you feel in your eyeglasses!

Designer frame lines currently include:

       Sporty syling and quality craftmanship.

        Versatile and affordable frame line.

Banana Republic       Quality frames with clean lines from the well-known clothier.

       Playful and fashionable frames.

          Vibrant style for any occasion.

          Durable, lightweight, and sophisticated frames.

          Classic and affordable quality frames.

            Durability and great looking designs for kids.

          Elegant frames with easy to use sunclips.

        Durability-designed, lightweight, and sleek.

            Sassy line of readers designed by a local artist. 

         Versatile frame lines for everyone from kids to adults.

Flexon Logo
       Titanium memory metal frame which returns to its original shape.

       Trendy eyewear at a great price.

          Fashionably designed high-quality frames.

                  Beautiful blending of color, texture, and shapes.

Hackett London Eyewear      Classy combining of textures, colors, and shapes.

           Modern clean-lined geometric styling.

            Beautiful line of women's metal frames. 
            Perfect for petite or young adults. 

           Styling of Juicy Couture packed into your frames.

             Fashionable yet affordable.

            High fashion frame line for men and women.
            Top of the line materials.

            Clean-lined frames with magnetic polarized sun clips.

             Professional and classic style.

               Lightweight classy titanium frames for adults.
               Durable and adorable children's frames.

             Inventative and stylish textures and shapes.


        Savvy, stylish, and trendy eyewear.

             Beautiful colors and high style frames at a great price. 
             Perfect plastic frames for petite faces and small bridges. 

             Youthful, stylish, and reasonably priced. 
             Creatively crafted with the highest quality materials.

           Cute frames with great patterns and shapes.

            Classy cutting-edge styling.

             Edgy and eyecatching styling from Scott Harris.

             Vintage style with new frame durability from Scott Harris.

             Traditional and strong titanium frames for men and women.

             Top quality customizable rimless titanium frames.
             Family run company. 

              Integrating ergonomic design, expert crafting, and sleek style.

            Premium magnetic sun clip frames.

              Beautifully made and designed eyewear.

              Advanced technology enhancing durability and wearability.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your eyewear needs.
           Telephone: 612-722-1003
           Email: support@riverlakeclinic.com

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